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FEARnet Updates ‘Splat’ Logo

FEARnet has updated its red-splat, screaming-face network logo as part of an overall "brand refresh" it hopes will deliver a message that the programming is more "humorous and playful" than might be expected of a network specializing in horror, thriller and suspence shows.

The network said it's adding new colors to its on-air palette and that the new logo will morph into animated graphics for on-air and web treatments (see adaptations above). "Moreover, the logo, itself, will become a piece of art, morphing into colorful treatments by well-known artists and fans who will be allowed to submit their own designs," FEARnet said in a release. "The logo will also be matched with audible sound-effects, providing an element of surprise for certain on-air and web applications, adding a new dimension to the image as it moves from being a static design to an on-air character.

“This re-brand is not about revolution, but evolution, as the channel continues to grow -- creating a modern look that will satisfy the hardcore audience, while expanding its outreach to casual viewers, and cultivating new opportunities with advertisers to partner with the network,” Faye Walker, FEARnet’s senior vice president of marketing, said in the release. “It was important for us to maintain the same spirit that was present at the launch of the linear network in 2010.  The new look is clean and confident, inspired by the multitude of ways one iconic symbol can be expressed."