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FCC's AWS-3 Auction Tops $37 Billion

After two more rounds of the FCC's AWS-3 auction, the total in provisional bids was $37,120,430,400.

Round 33 boasted 160 new bids totaling $342,671,400, followed by 131 more in round 34 totaling $334,391,800 on a total of 1,591 licenses out of 1,614 (23 bids have been withdrawn).

The highest bid remains one of five geographic licenses in the New York area, currently at $2.3 billion. That bid alone far surpasses the total take from the H Block auction, the first of three spectrum auctions to raise money for emergency communications, deficit reduction and other purposes.

The AWS-3 auction has already raised enough to pay for most of those, having more than tripled its reserve asking price of $10.587 billion.

There will be three more rounds before the auction takes a Thanksgiving holiday break, restarting Monday, Dec. 1.