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FCC's Ajit Pai Heading to Capitol Hill

In the wake of his announcement that he would start rolling back Title II classification of ISPs at the May 18 public meeting, FCC chairman Ajit Pai will be paying a visit to Capitol Hill, where he received both cheers and jeers for the proposal.

According to Hill sources familiar with the plan, who spoke on background, Pai will be providing a bipartisan member briefing to the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which has principal jurisdiction over communications issues.

The chairman was said to have been asked to brief Democrats on the committee before he outlined his net neutrality plans but deferred.

Pai announced April 26 that he was proposing rolling back Title II, eliminating the "general conduct standard" in the Open Internet order, and looking afresh at the rules against blocking, throttling and paid prioritization. 

E&C Republicans praised the move, while Democrats vowed to fight it vigorously on all fronts.

An FCC source confirmed that Pai is meeting with both House and Senate Commerce Committee members of both parties.