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FCC/DTV Hotline Calls Decline

Calls to the FCC/DTV hotline continued to decline, according to the FCC's latest figures through Thursday, Feb. 17.

Calls Thursday totaled 17,920, down sharply from the 25,320 the day before, which had itself been down from 27,764 on Feb. 17, when 421 TV stations pulled the plug on their analog signals.

The commission also released a breakdown of the calls to date (about 70,000) by percentage of calls per state. California led the way with 11.55%, followed by Texas (7.62%), and Florida (5.66%).

Arkansas had the smallest percentage of calls at .04%, followed by New Hampshire at .08% and Wyoming at .10%.
Those breakdowns appeared to square with size and population (the other top five percentages were New York and Illinois, for example).