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FCC Won't Remove Link To 'Transitions' Site Just Yet

The commission has put off its move to transition away from its "" Web site front page.

When the FCC redesigned its Web site in 2011, there were enough concerns about ease of functionality on the redesigned site that the commission also featured a prominent link to the old home page.

Initially, its plan was to have "" redirect to the new home page starting Feb. 3, but that did not happen.

According to a source at the commission, the decision had to do with the ongoing FCC reform initiative chairman Tom Wheeler mandated as one of his first orders of business last fall.

In a status report on recommendations by a reform working group, one of those recommendations was to improve Web site functionality.

Since further changes to the Web site could stem from that reform effort, said the source, the thought was not to make a change twice, so the "transitions" link remains.