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FCC Votes to Ease Use of High-Speed Spectrum For Wi-Fi

The FCC voted Friday to
streamline the rules surrounding ultra-high frequency spectrum--in the 60 GHZ
band (technically the 57-64 GHz frequency band)--once thought to be
"junk" spectrum, but thanks to new tech potential could be
"beachfront" property for wireless 4G backhaul home networking, and

The unanimous vote
essentially makes it easier and more affordable to use unlicensed wireless
spectrum in the band for a variety of uses that could boost rural access to
mobile broadband and give home videophiles better access to video wherever they
roam in their homes.

The FCC's rule
change "allows a sensible increase in power levels, eliminates the
obsolete mandate that devices transmit identification information, and
streamlines other rules," said FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai. "In sum, it makes using 60 GHz
spectrum easier and less expensive." Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said
there was "endless cool" that can come with having one's own personal
Wi-Fi network.

The decision was the
latest in a series of FCC efforts to make it easier to use spectrum for
advanced licensed and unlicensed services.