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FCC: U.S. in Deep Talks About Border Spectrum Issues

The FCC said Friday that, along with the State Department,
it was in "continuous" discussions with Canada and Mexico over the
broadcast incentive auctions.

Broadcasters are concerned that unless the FCC gets spectrum
coordination agreements along the borders, it could make it hard to provide
both stations and the wireless operators with reclaimed broadcast spectrum.

The National Association of Broadcasters has urged the
commission to wrap up such agreements ASAP, and certainly before it releases
its final auction framework, expected later this year.

The FCC said that the commission expects the talks will
result in "a better-designed and more successful incentive auction, and
will create opportunities for greater spectrum efficiency and band
harmonization across North America." 

The talks are being held under the auspices of
the U.S.-Canada Radio Technical Liaison Committee and the U.S.-Mexico High
Level Consultative Commission on Telecommunications.