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FCC Strikes Wireless Broadband Border Deal

The FCC said Monday it had struck major spectrum-sharing arrangements with Canada and Mexico that will allow wireless broadband service and emergency communications in border areas.

"These actions will help support commercial broadband services and public safety mission-critical voice communications," said the FCC in announcing the deals, which were with Industry Canada and Mexico's Secretariat of Communications and Transportation to share 700MHz spectrum along the border with Canada and Mexico and 800 MHz along the Canadian border.

The agreements will ease the deployment of next generation wireless broadband near the borders.

Broadcasters are still looking for an answer from the FCC about concerns over DTV border issues with Canada and Mexico. The FCC has said it is working on an answer to questions about the issue from Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) who is concerned that the FCC's current spectrum reclamation plan, if Canadian border issues are not resolved, would leave no room for over-the-air stations in Detroit.