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FCC, Stakeholders Reconvening Aug. 4 and 5

This week's meetings between industry players and FCC Chief of
Staff Edward Lazarus over possible broadband authority legislation are
scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday (Aug. 4 and 5), according to sources
familiar with the talks.

The same cast of characters is expected, which are representatives
from Google, Skype, Verizon, AT&T, the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association and the Open Internet Coalition, which includes
a bunch of companies including Google, Skype and eBay, as well as Public
Knowledge and Free Press, all advocating network neutrality according to the
coalition Web site.

The meetings have been coming thick and fast, with one Saturday
(July 31) following several meetings last week.

The FCC at the same time is collecting comments on the chairman's
proposal to reclassify broadband transmissions under Title II regs. A number of
Congress members have asked the FCC to hold off on that effort in favor of a
targeted bill to establish the commission's authority to enforce broadband
network openness and transparency.

Sources say an agreement on a legislative fix is not imminent, but
remains a possibility.