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FCC Sets Agenda for June 25 Incentive Auction Workshop

The FCC has set the agenda for its June 25 workshop on the
cost of repacking TV stations to free up more room for wireless broadband.

The incentive auction legislation passed earlier this year
allows the FCC to compensate broadcasters for the move, including setting aside
$1.75 billion for a relocation fund for broadcasters who choose to retain some
or all of their spectrum.

Panelists for the workshop are Jane Mago from the National
Association of Broadcasters, Patricia Tikkala from Sprint Nextel, Brett Haan
from Deloitte Consulting, and Jay Adrick from Harris Corp.

The workshop is intended to provide guidance to the FCC on
designing the repacking program and how best to spend that money, including
lessons learned from previous relocations.

The workshop will be moderated by Rebecca Hanson of the
Media Bureau.