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FCC Seeks More Info From AT&T on DirecTV Deal

The FCC has asked AT&T for even more information on its proposed merger with DirecTV, suggesting that some of the earlier information did not quite compute and asking for clarifications if they were inaccurate.

In a follow-up to a Sept. 9 request for data, the FCC sent a request Monday asking for answers to some supplemental questions by Dec. 22.

For example, the FCC says that AT&T's population density calculations do not correlate "appropriately" for one-square-mile increments, as requested.

It also seeks further info on broadband speed calculations, expected data rates, cell sites and other broadband-related questions. There are also follow-up questions about churn rates and pricing.

The FCC is currently vetting the proposed deal, but likely won't complete its review until at least the second quarter of 2015.

Such follow-up questions are not unusual given the scope of information the FCC usually requests from merging parties.

“These are routine requests," an AT&T spokesman said. "We are collecting the data requested and will respond shortly.”