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FCC to Seek More Input on 323 Report

It looks like the FCC won't be voting on new media ownership
rules until at least early next year.

None of the commissioners has yet voted the item, according
to various offices, and now there is word from FCC sources that the chairman
plans to circulate a public notice seeking more comment on the just-released,
associated 323 minority ownership report.

Sources say it will be a short window, perhaps a month for
both comment and reply comments, which would mean lawyers would have to be
working around the Christmas and New Year's holidays to make the deadline.

Last week, the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council
suggested such a "lightning round" of comment.

In a statement, FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said she had asked for the extra input.

"As we continue our consideration of Chairman Genachowski's draft Order on the FCC's quadrennial review of our rules governing media ownership, I felt it prudent to request a Public Notice deeming a 30-day round of comments for our recently released Report on Ownership of Commercial Broadcast Stations (the "Form 323 report")," Clyburn said in a statement. "I feel that this is a necessary and important step. Numerous groups have been calling for the opportunity to offer feedback on the report, and in the interest of continuing our robust process and providing full transparency, the FCC's Media Bureau will issue a public notice...."