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FCC Schedules Second Tower-Safety Workshop

With the FCC's post-incentive auction repack likely to spur a spate of communications tower work as broadcasters move channels and some start sharing spectrum, the FCC has scheduled a second tower climber safety workshop.

It held the first such joint FCC/Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) workshop Oct. 14. The second will be Feb. 11 and, among other things, go over comments received to OSHA's request for input on communications tower safety, talk about best practices and launch an telecom workforce apprenticeship program.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will be on hand, at least to deliver opening remarks.

Back in April, OSHA sought comment on "the causes of the employee injuries and fatalities that are occurring among employees working on communication towers."

and asked tower companies, broadcasters and others are being asked to weigh in.