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FCC Order Allows Online Rules for On-Air Contests

The FCC has circulated an order that would change its contest rules to allow broadcasters to put those rules online rather than having to air blocks of type or rapid-fire oral descriptions during radio or TV broadcasts about the contests.

The FCC voted unanimously last November to allow for the change.

Broadcasters will be able to put contest rules on their station website, or a parent company website, or if they have neither, any publicly accessible website. They must broadcast the full Web address any time they promote or advertise the contest.

Commissioner Michael O'Rielly pushed for the change.

In a blog post over a year ago noting the fast-talking radio disclosures and small-type TV disclosures, he suggests broadcasters be allowed to instead post the rules online where folks can actually peruse and digest them.

In circulating the order, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler also gave O'Rielly credit for calling for the rules update.

The FCC recently changed its rules to allow devices with screens and FCC information notice requirements to put that information online rather than having to affix stickers or etch the info on the devices themselves. Another case of using the unlimited space of the Web for consumer advisories.