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FCC OKs Scripps Purchase of Cordillera Stations

The FCC has approved the sale of Cordillera Communications TV stations to Scripps plus the sale of one Cordillera station to Quincy. In fact the sale of the Cordillera stations to Scripps is contingent on that spin-off of KVOA(TV) Tucson. 

The Department of Justice gave its OK to the deal Feb. 5

Scripps has also been given permission to continue operating Cordillera's KBZK Bozeman, Mont., as a satellite of Cordellera's KXLF-Butte. The FCC requires a showing that no other buyer was available to operate the station independently, which Scripps established to the FCC's satisfaction. 

The license transfers were unopposed. 

"[W]e conclude that, not only will granting these applications and the request for satellite exemption reauthorization comply with Commission rules, but will also serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity," the FCC said.  

The FCC's standard for approving is not simply that it would violate no rules, but that it would affirmatively serve the public interest. 

The ful-power stations changing hands, according to the FCC, are KATC Lafayette, La.; KBZK; KPAX-TV, Missoula, Mont.; KOAA-TV, Pueblo, Colo.; KRIS-TV Corpus Christi, Texas; KSBY San Luis Obispo, Calif.; KXLF-TV; WLEX-TV, Lexington, Ky.; KRTV Great Falls, Mont.; KTVH-DT, Helena, Mont., and KTVQ, Billings, Mont., and KVOA; plus four Class A LPTV's