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FCC OKs More Forward Auction Spectrum Applications

The FCC has accepted another batch of applications from winning bidders in the forward portion of the broadcast incentive auction.

Those are bidders for broadcast spectrum being reclaimed for wireless broadband.

The big players' applications have already been accepted and the licenses granted, including the biggest bidder, T-Mobile, but this is the third batch of applications to be accepted, with more to come.

Petitions to deny the applications are due by Aug. 21, with oppositions to those petitions due Aug. 28 and replies due Sept. 5.

The granted applications are from Bluewater Wireless, Gold Spectrum LLC, James Hulce, James McCotter, Nex-Tech Wireless, Nova Wireless, PBP License Group, Pioneer Telephone Service, Rural Telephone Service, Sagebrush Cellular, SI Wireless, Spectrum Financial Partners, and Tradewinds Wireless Holdings.

The incentive auction was completed April 13, with 50 winning bidders in the forward auction.