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FCC Moves Spectrum Policy Comment Deadlines

In what amounts to a holiday gift to
communications lawyers, as well as extra time for everyone to ponder the issue,
the FCC has moved the comment deadlines for its proposed spectrum-holding
policies from the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 23) and Christmas Eve.

new deadlines are Nov. 28 for comments and Jan. 7 on reply comments.

the proximity of the filing deadlines to two federal holidays, as well as our
desire to encourage thoughtful consideration of the important issues raised in
this proceeding, we believe that a grant of additional time within which to
file comments and reply comments will help to facilitate careful and deliberate
consideration of these matters," said Wireless Bureau Chief Ruth Milkman
in announcing the moved dates.

rulemaking proposal could determine the degree of participation in the upcoming
spectrum incentive auctions by major players like AT&T and Verizon because
it could change how the FCC determines local market spectrum concentration.

the FCC, by statute, cannot exclude companies from bidding in the forward
auction for wireless spectrum, it can affect participation through what level
of spectrum concentration triggers further commission scrutiny.