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FCC Moves Dec. 15 Public Meeting to Dec. 21.

The FCC has moved its December 15 public meeting to Dec. 21.

"An extra week will help us evaluate potential agenda items for December," said FCC spokesperson Jen Howard without elaboration. The move gives the FCC until after Thanksgiving to circulate any items to the other commissioners. Sources inside and outside the FCC say the move is so Chairman Julius Genachowski can try to tee up a vote on an item codifying and expanding network neutrality guidelines under existing FCC authority.

The meeting move had been anticipated as the FCC chairman tries to drum up industry and public interest group support for the proposal, which is along the lines of a legislative compromise that drew industry support but tanked when Republicans pushed back hard.

House Republicans continue to oppose a network neutrality move and one has threatened to block any codification whether or not the FCC has authority to do so.