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FCC Launches Site For Suggestions On Improving Processes

The FCC has launched,
its latest effort to involve the webisphere in FCC matters.

The site is an external version of an internal site the
commission has been using to solicit suggestions on how to improve its
processes. It has gotten prominent
in the upper right-hand corned of the home page, with a graphic
that suggests pulling back the corner of the page.

The FCC is billing it as the first official blog, though it
has also had a broadband blog for some
time now as well. The announcement comes as FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is
mixing with the tech community at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The site will feature posts from employees and the five
commissioners and will seek input on the redesign of the FCC's Web site, the
best way to put data online, how to better engage the public in the FCC's
process, how to improve its electronic filing and licensing systems, and how to
improve its rules and processes.

The federal government at large has been asked by the
administration to start using the Web to better inform and engage in the
governing process.