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FCC Launches Help Center

FCC has launched an online consumer help center that will make it easier to,
among other things, file indecency complaints or comment on FCC proceedings.

new help center
, part of the
FCC's focus on consumer-friendliness, also includes advice on avoiding
"bill shock," information on early termination fees, help for folks
"confused by all those ads for ‘blazing fast' internet plans," blogs,
news releases and a fact sheet on telecom issues.

link to the complaint form leads to a screen whose first item is a check box
(circle, actually) for complaints about obscene, profane or indecent

new Consumer Help Center makes it easy for consumers to learn about our work
and take action," said Joel Gurin, chief of the Consumer and Governmental
Affairs Bureau, in announcing the new online destination. "Here, in one place,
consumers can do a number of things such as read about consumer issues, get
practical advice for avoiding problems, file a complaint, comment on our
rulemakings, or read what our FCC experts are saying in our Consumer Blog."

a video posted on the opening screen of the new subsite, FCC Chairman
Julius Genachowski said the center would give them "tools and tips to
make smart choices and avoid problems."