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FCC Launches Cable Rate Study

The FCC has launched its annual survey of basic cable rates.

The commission, per the Cable Act of 1992, picks a random group of cable systems annually and requires them to provide information on the price of service; the availability of programming, including whether they have a "family tier" and the cost of equipment.

The FCC must also compare the prices charged by systems subject to rate regulation, and those whose basic rates have been deregulated because the commission has determined they are subject to effective competition.

Operators chosen have until June 30, 2014, to return the questionnaire, which will be used to compile the FCC's annual report on average rates for cable services, programming and equipment.

The commission said for this year's survey it has dropped the "notes" box for comment. If operators have any comments or questions about the survey, they should e-mail the commission at with “Comments” and the relevant ID number or company name in the subject line.