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FCC General Counsel Schlick Exiting

FCC General Counsel Austin Schlick will exit the commisison effective mid-June, the chairman's office announced Friday.

Replacing him will be Sean Lev, currently deputy general counsel and special advisor to the chairman.

Schlick joined the FCC in July 2009. He had been chief of litigation for the State of Maryland before that.

Schlick presided over the FCC's defense of its indecency regs, its regulatory authority for its network openness rules, and its decision to loosen newspaper-broadcast crossownership regs.

Before joining the FCC, Lev had been acting general counsel for environment and nuclear programs for the Department of Energy.

An FCC spokesperson was not immediately available to comment on the exit. It comes just as the court has set a briefing schedule for one of the FCC's most important cases, the challenge to its network openness rules.