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FCC Frees Up E-Rate Money for Storm-Hit Institutions

The FCC has unanimously approved emergency assistance to schools and libraries hit by hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey, using the E-rate program as the vehicle.

That is the broadband subsidy for broadband connectivity. Those schools and libraries—in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands—will be able to request funds to restore broadband service and get the maximum E-rate discount. Schools can apply for more funds if they are adding storm-displaced students and those sutdents increase enrollment by more than 5%.

The FCC said it had enacted "measures" to prevent waste, fraud and abuse during the recovery.

(Photo via Pictures of Money's FlickrImage taken on Sept. 17, 2015 and used per Creative Commons 2.0 license. The photo was cropped to fit 16x9 aspect ratio.)