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FCC Finishes Net Neutrality Rule Review

The FCC has completed its review of the reporting requirements of its network neutrality order, and is sending notice of that fact to the Federal Register, according to an FCC source speaking on background. Once that notice is published, likely sometime next week, the Office of Management & Budget must vet those reporting requirements as well.

After a 30-day comment period of its own, and if OMB finds that the rules do not produce unnecessary paperwork burdens on the industry and others, the rules will be published in the Federal Register, at which time they can be taken to court, but still won't go into effect for another 60 days.

Republicans in Congress have accused the FCC of dragging its feet to avoid those lawsuits.

The FCC appeared to have telegraphed the move in a public notice earlier in Thursday attempting to clarify questions raised by ISPS and others in its own vetting of the rules.