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FCC Extends Reply Deadline on IP Video Captioning

Looks like some broadcast attorneys will be working on Halloween.

FCC Friday granted in part the National Association of Broadcasters' request for a one-week extension of the Oct. 28 reply comment deadline on the FCC's proposal for closed captioning of Internet protocol-delivered video (part of its implementation of the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010).

NAB had asked for a week and the part the FCC gave it was four days, until Nov. 1, saying given its congressional deadline for getting the implementation rules out the door (Jan. 12, 2012), four days was its limit.

"Due to the Commission's statutory deadline in this proceeding, we find that the requested one week extension is too long, and instead we grant a four day extension of the reply comment deadline," said the commission.

The FCC issued its proposed rules Sept. 19.