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FCC Extends Reply Comment Deadline on Net Neutrality

The FCC has extended the reply comment deadline to April 26 on its network neutrality proposed rulemaking to give all interested parties a chance to ponder the BitTorrent decision.

The deadline had been April 8, but CTIA: The Wireless Association, the U.S. Telecom Association and the Open Internet Coalition asked the commission to move the deadline to allow "all interested parties to evaluate and consider the legal implications of" the D.C. Circuit's April 6, 2010 decision in Comcast Corp. v. FCC."

It is the second extension for the replies, which had been due March 5 before the FCC moved them the first time.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Tuesday overturned the FCC's order finding Comcast in violation of its Internet openness guidelines.