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FCC Extends Filing Deadlines for Storm-Affected Broadcasters

TV and radio broadcasters recovering from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands won't also have to worry about getting their quarterly filings into the FCC by the Oct. 10 deadline.

The FCC says it has extended the deadline to Nov. 13.

Oct. 10 is when broadcasters have to have placed required material covering the previous calendar quarter in their online public inspection files.

But given the widespread power and communications outages the storm caused, that could be problematic.

Nov. 13 will also be the deadline for filing EEO information with the FCC.

In its most recent update on communications outages in Maria-affected areas (as of midday Monday, Oct. 2), the FCC found that two TV stations and nine radio stations remained off the air in Puerto Rico. That is based on voluntary self-reporting.