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FCC Extends Deadline For Comment on Spectrum Database

The FCC has given broadcasters' spectrum lobby group more
time to comment on who or what will be responsible for identifying open
channels between DTV stations for use by unlicensed devices.

Actually, the FCC gave everybody another four days to weigh
in--from Feb. 3 (comments) and Feb. 18 (reply comments) to Feb. 9 and 24,

The Association for Maximum Service Television had asked for
the extra time, saying it needed it due to the "volume and
complexity" of the submissions.

Nine entities, including
, filed proposals by the Jan. 4 due date.

The commission said it thought the extension was reasonable,
agreeing that they raised "complex technical issues."

Broadcasters obviously have a big stake in the database
correctly identifying which channels were open and which open channels could be
used without causing interference to existing TV stations.