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FCC Extends Comment Date on Wireless Competition

The FCC has given commenters another 10 days to comment on
the state of mobile wireless competition and the "role of minority and
women business enterprises (MWBEs)."

On May 17, the FCC issued a notice seeking comment on the
competitiveness of the mobile wireless marketplace for its next annual
report--it released the last one in March -- and initially set July 1 as the
deadline for comment. On July 1, that was extended to July 15 and additional
questions were asked about the role of minorities and women in that

The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, which
just wrapped up its Access to Capital Conference in Washington, asked for an
extra 10 days to respond to the questions about MWBEs. At that conference,
David Honig hailed that inquiry. 

The FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
said it saw no harm in granting the extension and set the new date at July 25.