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FCC To Explore High Frequencies For Broadband

The FCC is looking up, way up, as Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel put it, to find new spectrum for mobile wireless broadband.  

The commissioner Friday (Oct. 17) voted 5-0 to open a notice of inquiry on using spectrum above 24 GHz for wireless and facilitating its deployment.  

Rosenworcel has been stumping for expanding the search for spectrum for the next generation of mobile wireless (5G) beyond the "sweet spot" of 600 MHZ to 3 GHz.  

The FCC NOI seeks comment on the technology required to use high frequencies for mobile, which could potentially allow for up to 10 gbps service, without interfering with incumbent users. It also will seek comment on a variety of licensing mechanisms, including auctioning geographic licenses and unlicensed use.

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