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FCC Creates Consumer Task Force

The FCC has created a consumer task force that will be
chaired by new Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau chief Joel Gurin, a former
journalist and long-time Consumer

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said that the task force
would include the heads of all the bureaus as well as the FCC's managing
director and general counsel. He said that the task force would play an
"essential role" in making sure that a consumer focus applied "consistently
and reasonably" across technologies and bureaus so the public could
"fully engage" in and understand FCC processes.

He said it was "excellent" that the FCC had a consumer-focused
bureau, but said this would send the message that the focus extended
"across all agencies." Genachowski said he expected a lot out of the
task force.

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps praised that consumer focus.
"Our blissful blessing of evermore media consolidation was a costly
assault on consumer and citizen well-being," he said as example.
Considering consumer impact as standard operating procedure going forward is an
important change in policy, he said. "I think you can tell I am
pleased," he said to the chairman.

Commissioner Robert McDowell called the task force a
"great step forward," as did Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and
Meredith Attwell Baker.

McDowell also praised the chairman for including the text of
proposed rules in proposed rulemakings, saying the FCC should to it with all
such proposals.

The FCC kicked off the meeting with a consumer-focused rule
proposal about limiting  pre-recorded "robocalls." 

That proposal, dealing with calls that Baker said come at
"inconvenient times and annoying times," was approved unanimously.