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FCC Approves Transfer of AT&T Spectrum to T-Mobile

The FCC nixed AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile spectrum, but
it was OK with valuable AWS spectrum traveling in the other direction.

T-Mobile said Wednesday that the FCC had approved AT&T's
transfer of spectrum in 12 of the top 20 markets to T-Mobile as part of its
multibillion dollar breakup fee after the FCC and Justice nixed the deal.

"We applaud the FCC for acting swiftly to approve the
transfer of these spectrum licenses," said Neville Ray, chief technology
officer, T-Mobile USA. During the proposed AT&T sale, T-Mobile had said it
had no plans to invest in its 4G rollout, not so now.

It plans to invest $4 billion on current and future voice
and data service, including a broad 2013 deployment of 4G, the company said,
adding that it needs even more spectrum to support it.

The FCC is still vetting Verizon's request that it approve
the transfer of valuable AWS spectrum from cable operators so that Verizon can
also boost its next generation wireless service.