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FCBA: Some Events Could Be Affected by Government Shutdown

The Federal Communications Bar Association says the government shutdown could affect a number of its lunches and seminars given that furloughed government employees are not allowed to appear, but it isn't making any shutdown related cancellation decisions just yet.

"Since it is not known when the government will reopen, events are not canceled or postponed until the morning of the actual event," the association announced on its Web site. It says it will send e-mails to registered attendees if an event is cancelled or postponed but advised periodic checks of the Web site as well.

One such check reveals that it has already announced that its Oct. 7 brown bag lunch event on copyright policy and the Commerce Department's "Green Paper" on balancing copyright and fair use protections will go on as scheduled shutdown or no.

FCBA comprises over 2,000 communications attorneys, engineers, consultants, economists, government officials and law students.