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FBN Positions Payne in 6 P.M. Weekday Time Slot

Fox Business Network is giving Charles Payne his own show in the 6 p.m. weekday time slot.

Growing from Payne’s regular segments throughout Fox Business Network’s market hours, Making Money with Charles Payne will debut on June 2.

Capitalizing on Payne’s more than 30 years’ experience as a broker and analyst, the program will explore investment avenues based on the day’s top stories. Each night, he will be joined by a panel of business and market experts to debate the headlines, provide viewers with an end-of-day wrap-up, and provide an insider’s look at tomorrow’s money makers.  

“Charles has an incredible talent for identifying growth sectors in the markets and we’re excited to launch a new show dedicated to helping viewers spot these emerging investment prospects,” said FBN executive vice president Kevin Magee.

Noted Payne: “There are money making opportunities behind every headline and each day I am going to debate and analyze these potential investments with the aim of helping viewers find their confidence in the markets and realize their long-term dreams and goals.”

Making Money with Charles Payne will move into the slot that is currently occupied by Cavuto, which will now premiere in its old 8 p.m. hour, before continuing to encore at 11 p.m. That show, featuring Neil Cavuto, the longtime anchor and commentator on FBN and Fox News Channel, had been serving as a placeholder in the 6 p.m. hour, when FBN changed its schedule following the addition of Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo in February.