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Farscape Star Browder Enters the Stargate

Sci Fi Channel Wednesday confirmed a report that Farscape star Ben Browder will join the network’s franchise show, Stargate SG-1,as a regular cast member in the upcoming ninth season.

Browder played John Crichton, a U.S. astronaut propelled into a strange alien realm through a wormhole, in the Farscape series and in a recent reunion movie on Sci Fi. The network wouldn’t say what role he’ll play on Stargate.

The ninth season of Stargate is set to begin filming in March, according to Stargate Web site ( TV Guide posted an online item about the Browder hiring Wednesday.

Another Farscape lead, Claudia Black, is scheduled to appear in an upcoming Stargate episode.

Sci Fi also said producer Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. is still negotiating with Stargate star Richard Dean Anderson on what role, if any, he might play on the show after this season.