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Zuckerberg to Be Interviewed for Fox's 'Daily Briefing'

Dana Perino will be in D.C. Thurdsay to interview Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for Fox's Daily Briefing with Dana Perino on Friday. It is the social media exec's first interview for Fox.

Perino promoted the interview on The Five Wednesday, which she co-hosts.

Zuckerberg is also scheduled to be in Washington next week to testify Oct. 23 in a House hearing on Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency and wallet.

Daily Briefing airs from 2-3 p.m. on Fox News Channel.

Facebook has taken a beating inside the Beltway over how it treats data and user info, including drawing a multi-billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission.

Zuckerberg has come out in favor of regulating social media data use and collection.