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The Eyes Have It In AMC Tie-In

Bethpage, N.Y. —AMC Networks its tying thematic movie content with advertising in a partnership with Johnson & Johnson’s Visine Eye Drops.

Most commonly, the network ties movie packages together with demographics that are key to the sponsor. But with this tie-in, the network has packaged three movies that will make viewers think of dry, irritated eyes. The titles include Volcano, rife with scenes of blowing ash and teary eyes; Down and Out in Beverly Hills, in which the characters at times have morning-after bleary eyes (which ran March 5); and the western The Quick and the Dead, which features dusty prairie scenes. All films are scheduled at 8 p.m. ET.

Visine is launching a new series of edgy, humorous ads that will be used in the sponsorship package. The product will be featured in opening bumpers for the films for three weeks this month through March 29, as well as custom opening spots, highlighting the usages of the eye drops using scenes from the sponsored films.

AMC often matches films with specific advertisers. For example, “Ford Friday Night Features” includes films that would appeal to the same demographic as buyers of the model advertised in the partnership, the Lincoln. The Visine promotion goes a step further, matching thematic content with the tone set by the commercials sponsoring the movie.