Ex-FX VP Pleads No Contest to Wiretap Charges

Former FX vice president Steve Webster pleaded no contest Tuesday to charges that he wiretapped FX conference calls for more than two years after he left the network.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said Webster’s open plea didn’t include an agreement on a proposed sentence.

Webster, who remains free on $10,000 bail, will be sentenced Nov. 18. Superior Court commissioner Dennis Mulcahy told Webster he faces a sentence ranging from probation to up to three years in state prison.

Webster, 38, worked as VP of publicity at FX from 1999-July 2001. Prosecutors alleged that from July 31, 2001-Jan. 20, 2004, he wiretapped or attempted to access 260 weekly conference calls between senior FX executives.

During that time, Webster worked for Sony Pictures and, later, Universal Television Group. Webster no longer works for either company.

Webster’s attorney, David Scheper, didn’t return phone calls Wednesday afternoon.