Esquire's 'Restaurant Revolution' to Air Nov. 12

With Restaurant Revolution, Esquire Network will explore the chefs and restaurants behind America's culinary change. The special is set to air Nov. 12 at 8 p.m.

Featured chefs Wolfgang Puck, Tom Colicchio, Jonathan Waxman, as well as Esquire magazine’s "Best New Restaurant of 2014" feature will be profiled in the one-hour special. 

Produced for Esquire Network by Magical Elves, Dan Cutforth and Lane Lipsitz serve as executive producers.

Esquire mag's Best New Restaurants has been known to identify the most recognized chefs and restaurants in the country. The special will reveal the relationship between today's top industry players and famous chefs, as they discuss their inspirations, influences and rise to the top. 

Chefs and restaurants include:

Wolfgang Puck: Esquire Best New Restaurant ’84

Jonathan Waxman: Esquire Best New Restaurants List ’84

Tom Colicchio: Esquire Best New Restaurants List ’94

John Tesar Esquire Best New Restaurants List 2014

Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus: Esquire Best New Restaurants List 2014

Alexander Smallsand J.J. Johnson: Esquire Best New Restaurant 2014