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EPIX to Air Doc. Exploring LGBT Rights, ‘To Russia With Love’

EPIX has announced the world premiere of To Russia With Love, which will be narrated by Golden Globe and Emmy award winner, Jane Lynch on October 29 at 8 p.m. ET.

The 90-minute documentary will examine human rights through LGBT athletes, including Billie Jean King, Greg Louganis, Jason Collins and Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Tewksbury. It will go into the next generation of athletes in the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia as well.

Athlete, Johnny Weir will be the commentator, allowing viewers to take a look into his world. The film will be shot throughout NYC, Calgary, Toronto, St. Petersburg and Moscow, while following athletes throughout their struggles with the media and Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Some Olympians include snowboarders Belle Brockhoff and Simona Meiler, speed skaters Anastasia Bucsis and Blake Skejellerup and many more.

To view clips from the film, visit EPIX here.