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Entertainment Associations Team on Parental Control Messaging

Even as Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D- W. Va.) announced his
priority of studying the impact of violent and indecent content on kids, the TV
and films industries Wednesday announced launch of an awareness campaign about
parental media management tools.

The National Association of Broadcasters, National Cable and
Telecommunications Association, American Cable Association, Motion Picture
Association of America and others have all signed on to the campaign, whose
objectives are to promote the TV and film ratings systems as easy-to-use
parental content control tools.

The campaign will include PSAs,
theater advertisements, a redesigned
and a broadcaster education initiative on mental health.

The messaging focuses on three things, the three that MPAAchief Chris Dodd emphasized in a speech two weeks ago at the National Press
Club: Choice, control, and education.

The push comes in the wake of the Newtown mass
shootings, which renewed interest in the impact of media violence on real-world