El Rey Promo Seeks 'Slaves for Santánico'

As season one of the network’s first scripted original comes to a close, El Rey Network is taking a page from the cult movie to launch a new multi-platform promotional campaign called “Slaves for Santánico” to drive fan engagement for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

The marketing initiative will allow fans to call the Santánico party line (1-800-315-2744) to engage in a short, responsive conversation with the character of Santánico Pandemonium, who is portrayed in the series by Eiza Gonzalez. All callers will be asked “What would you do for Santánico Pandemonium?” Responses will be recorded and potentially shared across the El Rey Network’s various social media platforms as well as on SlavesForSantánico.com. The character will also give callers a passcode that can be used to collect exclusive digital goods on the series’ website. 

The series, an adaptation of El Rey Network founder Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 cult film From Dusk Till Dawn, was recently renewed for a 13-episode second season. The “Slaves for Santánico” campaign will coincide with the April 29 airing of episode 107, which features Gonzalez reenacting Selma Hayek’s iconic snake dance from the film. The party line initiative will continue through May 21. 

From Dusk Till Dawn’s iconic characters are the perfect jumping off point for this innovative, multi-platform initiative. The party line and creative campaign activations leverage Santánico Pandemonium’s enormous popularity and invite fans to participate more deeply in the series narrative. The concept is sure to entice new viewers and appeal to the highly coveted demo of men 18-49, including the all-important millennial fan base,” said Chad Blankenship, El Rey Network’s Vice President, Consumer Marketing & Communications, in a release.