Eileen Montalvo

EVP of Sales and Marketing, Gol TV

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: During her career, Montalvo has helped launch MTV Latin America and Nickelodeon Latin America and run International Promotions Group. Now she’s assisting the all-soccer network, which does double duty on Hispanic and sports tiers as its primary feed can be offered in either Spanish or English.

HIGH ’05s: “Working to help Gol TV become one of the fastest-growing independent networks in the U.S. We made a splash at the National Show, with Pele drawing interminable lines to our booth. We also had solid attendance at our first-ever upfront presentation. After the upfront, Gol TV added Coca-Cola, adidas, Mennen and Western Union to its advertising roster. Being recognized for all that hard work with a promotion.”

PICKS IN ’06: “Reaching 23% of the Hispanic market, our goal is to find ways to attract additional advertisers with creative on-air, off-air, online and streaming opportunities. It’s a World Cup year, so the nation will be focused on soccer. We will look to leverage this by positioning the network and its upcoming on-air specials as the must-see place for expert commentary and news on the Cup. Finally, we’re looking to expand on our current affiliate deals and grow distribution in key markets.”

MY TIME: “I love to cook, anything from Cuban — my heritage — to Japanese, Italian, and entertain with friends and family. There is also nothing like reading a good book on the beach, going to the spa or watching a movie to relax and unwind … although I have been known to paint the town red every once in a while.”