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Editorial: Win-Win-Win

While we are on the subject of auctions, and with some breathing room before the vote, the National Association of Broadcasters has proposed a compromise solution to the issue of repacking stations in the duplex gap between wireless uplink and downlink spectrum.

The NAB would prefer the FCC leave that gap for unlicensed wireless devices and mics used for newsgathering, but if the FCC is determined to use the gap to make more room for broadcasters so it can free up additional spectrum for wireless, the NAB says at least limiting the damage—as in limiting the repacking of TV stations in and around wireless carriers, where both will suffer interference—is the way to go.

The NAB proposal sounds like one of those win-win-win opportunities (FCC, wireless and broadcast) that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has said the spectrum auction represents.

Having postponed a vote on that and other auction procedures issues until early August, the FCC has given itself time to demonstrate that its win-win-win mantra is not an empty slogan.