Editorial: Some Help for LPTV

T-Mobile last week volunteered to pay the moving costs of some low-power TV and translator stations so the wireless company won’t have to absorb the cost of a double move as it pushes to roll out new service to over 1 million square miles by year’s end.

It was a politically savvy move, but it was laudable and duly lauded by broadcasters, though with the caveat from some LPTVs that the money won’t cover all their expenses and that the auction will result with many stations having nowhere to move to.

T-Mobile was the most aggressive bidder for broadcast-TV spectrum and is the most aggressive in trying to put it to use for Advanced Wireless Service.

As the wireless carrier pointed out, it was willing to put out the cash to help speed up the process, though it was under no obligation to do so.

With T-Mobile’s offer expiring in three years, the FCC needs to work as quickly as possible to identify the stations that will be able to take T-Mobile up on its offer.