Editorial: A Small-Minded Move

President Donald Trump continues to focus inordinately on those who criticize him, in the media and elsewhere. And there was a lot to criticize last week. Principally in our space was the ban/not a ban on immigrants from countries from whence, according to accounts, no terrorist attacking the U.S. has come.

Various tech groups pointed out that the President’s executive order could hurt innovation and the economy. Computer & Communications Industry Association president Ed Black’s was particularly to the point. Here is what CCIA said in response to the President:

“Targeting lawful U.S. residents and visa holders for discriminatory treatment based on national origin or faith is not in our national interest. It is not in our economic interest. It’s not who we are.”

“The President’s handlers promised they would have a diverse Administration; threatening the source of that diversity out of an unreasonable fear is not a good start.”