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Editorial: Plainly Stated

Will the real Washington please stand up? D.C. could take a page from Washington the state when it comes to recognizing the competitiveness of the new video marketplace. While the FCC continues to nibble around the edges of conceding that there are, in fact, satellite and telco and over-the-top video industries, the Washington State utility commission last month came right out and said as much (our thanks to Randy May of the Free State Foundation for pointing us to the commission’s decision).

The Washington State commission said, “Convergence of technologies, providers and competition is making historic government regulation outdated, as voice, video and data are quickly becoming just packets of information carried on the same networks. These changes offer the promise of large consumer benefits as well as important economic advantages such as increased jobs, investment and national productivity. However, these benefits increasingly hinge on the ability of telecommunication providers to meet the demands of consumers without unnecessary or outdated intervention by regulation.”

The FCC couldn’t have said it better. But we wish they would try.