Editorial: Acting Presidential

Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect and the campaign is over, we hope he will rein in his attacks on the press.

That may have been a successful campaign strategy, but it is unbecoming of the office. Criticism, sure. President Obama occasionally made a pointed remark about Fox News.

But Trump’s comments have been an unending drumbeat that included personal insults as well as threats and broad-brush condemnations.

He did not make an auspicious start with a petty-sounding shot at The New York Times for a story about troubles in the transition team, a story widely reported and buttressed by his replacement of Chris Christie with Vice President Mike Pence atop the process.

On the upside, CNN reported that the Trump team did plan to clue in reporters on the president-elect’s schedule planning and allow pool coverage of his comings and goings, a tradition he was not initially following.

A large group of journalist organizations have also asked that the Trump administration allow pools and hold regular press conferences.

The president-elect may not like the press, but like Air Force One and the Oval Office, they come with the job.