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E! Announced New Doc Series on Christina Milian

E! will soon air Christina Milian Turned Up in Q1, which will explore the artist's career goals, personal obstacles, as well as bonds with her Cuban-American family.

As an Actress, singer, performer and mother, Christina Milian finds everyday struggles in balancing her career with her family life. Bouncing back and forth from New York, LA and Miami, she strives to create a healthy combination of the two.

"We simply adore Christina,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Original Programming & Development to E! "She’s young, vibrant and a highly accomplished artist who has a hectic life balancing the glitz and glamour of celebrity, and the rough and tumble world of hip hop, with the more relatable moments of being a mom, newly back on the dating scene, and trying to make things better for her family.” 

The show centers on Milian’s relationship with her controlling mother Carmen, who has been her manager since she was a child, her two opinionated sisters and her daughter Violet.  

With a broken off engagement and the endless battle of a non-stop career, Milian’s life has become more complex. As a new mother working on multiple studio albums, as well as appearances on The Voice and Dancing with the Stars, she plans to take her career up a notch.

She serves as a motivational speaker, the owner of Viva Diva Wines and the creator of the project, Shelby Star. Milian is one of the executive producers on the show, along with Roy Bank, Kelsey Grammer, Stella Bulochnikov, Brian Sher, Larissa A.K. Matsson, Carmen Milian. In connection with Lionsgate Television, Christina Milian Turned up is a Banca Studio and G3 Production.