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DNC Schedules Six Debates

The Democratic National Committee has announced its debate schedule, which will be limited to six debates, starting Oct. 13 in Nevada on CNN.

That will be followed by: Nov. 14 (CBS/KCCI/Des Moines Register) in Des Moines, Iowa; Jan. 17 (NBC/Congressional Black Caucus Institute), in Charleston, S.C.; February or March (Univision/Washington Post) in Miami; and February or March (PBS ) in Wisconsin.

DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida said all five of the announced Democratic candidates have agreed to participate, but that if any additional candidates enter the race, they will need to be polling at least 1% average of three national polls.

Missing from that lineup of media partners among the Big Four networks was Fox, but it is already partnering with the Republicans on three of its nine debates (four if Fox Business is included), starting with Thursday's debate in Cleveland.

Drake University in Des Moines said its Sheslow Auditorium will be hosting the first (CNN-carried) debate. Drake is already set to host a couple of candidate forums on diversity issues, the Brown and Black Forum for Republican candidates Dec. 3 and for Democrats Jan. 11.